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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where can I find Edvidi?

Answer: You can find the Edvidi Teacher HERE and the Edvidi Student HERE.

Question: Need installation help?

Answer: For help installing the Edvidi Teacher and the Edvidi Student click HERE.

Question: Can I evaluate Edvidi?

Answer: Yes. You can evaluate Edvidi for 10 days for free. Simply install the Edvidi Teacher on your Teacher machine, open and choose "If you would like to try Edvidi for 10 days for free click HERE". For instructions click HERE.

Question: Do I need to have Google Classroom installed for Edvidi to work?

Answer: Yes. Edvidi uses Google Classroom to arrange classes and to connect students.

Question: How does Edvidi find my classes?

Answer: Edvidi uses your Google Chrome log in information to find corresponding Google Classroom information.

Question: Can I use Google Admin Console to deploy Edvidi?

Answer: Yes! Take a look at our Google Admin Console install guide HERE.

Feature Information



Google Classroom Integration

The Edvidi Chrome Extension will see the Chrome log-in currently in use and automatically check for any associated classes, teacher or student, in Google Classroom.




Video Chat

With Edvidi you can make a Video Chat call to any connected Edvidi student, anywhere in the world. Simply click on the Video Icon in the List View or the Video Chat link in the Monitor View.

On your first call Edvidi will ask you to allow it to use your camera and microphone to make the call. Once you accept, Edvidi will connect you.

Get Students Attention

Edvidi lets teachers blank student screens and deliver a message as well as set a timer. Simply choose the Blank Screen icon, check what students you would like to apply

the blank screen to, set your message, set the timer, and click start.


1-Click White List

Edvidi lets teachers set a White List that limits student access to only approved websites. Click on the White List icon, set the web sites you would like to give access to (no need for the www here!), seperate the sites by a space and click to start the White List.

Text Chat

Edvidi allows teachers to text chat directly with a single student or open a chat room with the whole class. Choose the individual option to communicate individually or click

the Classchat icon to open a whole chat room.

The Teacher chat will appear in a Chrome tab and build a

list of open conversations. The Student chat will appear in

its own dedicated window.

Monitor Students

Edvidi lets teachers monitor students in real time in 2 ways. Toggle between what is happening on the student browser at a glance with the Thumbnail View.












Or see more detail and the current active window with the List View.






Students Browser History

See the Student browser up close and in more detail from the Details view. A larger image of the the active tab as well as a list of other open tabs and the Browser History of the student browser.

Broadcast the Teacher

Edvidi allows teachers to create a virtual classroom with a broadcast feature that sends either a live video and audio feed from the teachers device camera and microphone, the desktop, or an individual application on the teachers device.

The teacher can toggle through each broadcast feature on the fly.

Tab Control

Edvidi helps keep students focused by giving teachers the power to close tabs on student machines if the student veers off task.

X out of tabs from the Detail View as well as the from the Monitor View.

Open a Tab Remotely

Edvidi helps keep students focused by giving teachers the power to close tabs on student machines if the student veers off task.

X out of tabs from the Detail View as well as the from the Monitor View.

Battery Status

Edvidi lets teachers and administrators monitor battery status of your students Chromebooks or other laptop devices.

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