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Portable licensing • Perfect for hybrid attendance situations • Classroom management that travels with students • Keeps students engaged and on task whether in person or at home • Easy to use - simply install and start using • All of your students are just a click away • Licensing that grows with you • No hidden costs - simply pay for what you need and nothing more

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Cloud based and stocked with features like Video chat, Messaging, and Text chat, Edvidi turns your tech into a fully accessible virtual class. With these tools Teachers can communicate with the entire class or with students in a one on one setting, whether physically together or a world apart.


Designed to interact with hybrid classroom environments, Edvidi uses SIS information to arrange classes and to connect students to teachers automatically. Edvidi has zero setup time and practically no learning curve.


With Edvidi's all inclusive subscription format you never need to worry about being on the latest version. Edvidi provides ongoing, incremental updates across all user devices as they become available.



Monitor Students

Monitor all of your students at once with a thumbnail view of your class or a list view that provides the current active tab plus the ability to each student screen in more detail.

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Browser and Cloud 
Based App

Connect from anywhere! Edvidi installs

and runs as a Chrome browser extension, freeing teachers to connect with students 

on any device that supports Chrome

extensions, anywhere in the world.

Click HERE to install the Teacher Extension

Click HERE to install the Student Extension

Video Chat

Edvidi's unique video chat feature turns the Google Classroom platform into a LIVE and animated classroom, connecting teachers and students in new ways whether they are in a different room, a different building, or at home.

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AutoConnect Students

Connections and setup are a breeze! Edvidi sees your Google Classroom courses and students, checks your class roster, and connects to your students AUTOMATICALLY. Edvidi stays connected to those students until the class is over.

File Transfer
View or Close Open Chrome Tabs

Monitor open student chrome tabs and close them if necessary to decrease distractions and increase time on task.

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Get Students Attention

Keep your students informed and on the same page with on screen messaging that allows teachers to blank student screens, address the whole class at one time with the single click of a mouse, and even set a timer.


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Open a Link in a New Tab on All Students

Keep your class on track by opening a link in a new Chrome tab on all student devices at the same time.

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Download a
Flyer HERE.

Drag and Drop in the chat window to transfer files to all students at once, some students, or one student at a time. Student can easily send files back to the teacher.

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1-Click White List

Allow students access to a preset list of websites without the complicated setup. Simply add your sites and start. Perfect for after test time and can start automatically as Messaging timer expires.

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Text Chat

Encourage student interaction with a text chat that can be initiated by the teacher or confidentially by a student who would not normally raise their hand. Also teachers can initiate a monitored chat room for classroom collaboration.


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Student Browser History

See the browser history of all of your students.

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Management guide

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