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Remote control PC, Server, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone and other devices. Do it from Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS (iPad / iPhone)

WiseMo is the flexible remote desktop control application for the professional user. Fast and Secure remote control of Windows PC, Windows Server, Mac computer, Android Tablet, Android Smartphone and other mobile devices – online over the Internet and offline via your own network. Reach attended as well as un-attended computers and devices. Save time, money and resources by connecting to important information remotely. It’s like having the computer or device in front of you – even if you’re miles away. It helps you get the job done – fast & secure.

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Easy to use


Simply install and start using.

All of your computers and devices

are just a click away

Grows with you


WiseMo’s professional grade remote control software offers smart pricing options from one to thousands of users.

No hidden costs


No start-up or cancellation fees.


Simply pay for what you need and nothing more


Cross Platform Support


Business solutions

WiseMo offers professional-grade Cloud based remote control solutions as well as non-Cloud based solutions that meet all of your business’s needs. From wherever you may be, troubleshoot systems, upgrade software, guide users or gain access to all your vital business information, whether it is located on PCs, Mac, mobile devices or embedded systems.

With WiseMo, you are in safe hands. Our tried and true software has been used for over a decade to support mission-critical applications and securely access vital business information.  The highest encryption and permission tools, including two-factor authentication are applied, whether connection is made online over the internet (Cloud based) or offline via your company controlled network (non-Cloud).

You can access remote PCs and Servers, Mac computers and mobile devices from the comfort of your Smartphone, Tablet, PC, Mac, or Linux wherever you are. Our cloud based connectivity solution provides you access to and from devices and computers that are Internet enabled. Our offline connectivity solutions gives you access to and from devices and computers not on the Internet.  For added flexibility, our connectivity solutions can be combined to meet your needs for 24/7 on site and off site access.




Maintain an overview of your healthcare IT infrastructure.


WiseMo can give you 24/7/365 access to your systems and computers, so you can check operating systems, update software and manage hardware remotely



Update and change signage or information screens as needed.


With WiseMo, you can connect to multiple systems at once or even systems in hard-to-reach places.



If your business relies on specialized technologies miles away from civilization – or the shore – WiseMo can help.


Using only Internet-access, you can support business-critical systems from anywhere in the world, saving time and company resources in the process.

Supply Chain


Instant access to handheld supply-chain devices wherever they are from wherever you are.

Wisemo lets you work remotely handhelds as if you had it in your hands, reach attended and un-attended devices, and solve user problems or system issues right away. Support for Android based as well as Windows CE and Mobile based devices.

Embedded and OEM


Wisemo can be supplied as OEM and integrated into your software solutions to meet your exact requirements.


Add proven functionality, features, cloud communication and usability to your business critical solutions without compromising on quality – while reducing your time to market. Great for providers of network managment solutions, MDM mobile device management solutions, help desk solutions etc.


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